Original Design

  • Contest for pre-selecting the different branches: Spanish State Gazette, no. 307, Order 22207, 24th December 2007 - Resolution of the Secretary of State for Universities and Research)
  • Public Consortium. 4-branch network:
    • Centre de Recerca Matemàtica (CRM)
    • IEMath-Galicia
    • IEMath-Granada
    • IEMath-Madrid
  • Possibility of incorporating other branches.
  • To compile and structure the Spanish mathematical community: research institutes, mathematical societies, thematic networks etc.
  • International Competition to select the IEMath director.

Members of the future IEMath Consortium

  • 4 branches – The head office is where the administration and the Steering Committee sit.
  • Possibility of incorporating other branches
  • Associate members:
    • Academic institutes of mathematics.
    • Centres with proven track record in mathematical research.
    • Mathematics Faculties.
    • Mathematical Societies.